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Cruise Schedules Next 5 Cruises
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Information About The Port Barcelona Cruise Port - Creuers Terminals

Barcelona Cruise Port - Creuers Terminals, is composed of 5 Terminals. North and South Terminals are located in the World Trade Center, while the other three; Terminal A, Terminal B and Terminal C are located on the "Adossat" dock, crossing the "Porta d'Europa" bridge.

  • Safe Travels by World Travel & Tourism Council

    Barcelona Cruise Port has obtained the "Safe travels" stamp, as safe infrastructures preventing COVID-19.

    Granted by the World Travel & Tourism Council, the leading global association in the sector.

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  • Responsible Tourism

    Barcelona Cruise Port certified with the "Responsible Tourism" distinctive, by the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism of Spain.

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  • General Information

    Barcelona Cruise Port is divided into different terminals. We analyze in detail the characteristics of some of the most important.

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  • Welcome

    In all our terminals you can find information points (GIC - Guest Information Center) to answer queries in order to visit the city without missing a detail.

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Barcelona Cruise Port

Creuers del Port de Barcelona

World Trade Center - Terminal Sud

Moll de Barcelona s/n

08039 Barcelona - Spain